Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finishing = Winning

I am so excited to say that I have finished another 1/2 Marathon....3 months after delivering my Baby Boy!

Friday Morning, we packed up and headed to Savannah for the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon!  Once we got into town, we headed straight to the EXPO.  I love the Expos at races because there are so many fun things to look at...all the latest and greatest in the running world!  This race I wanted to get a fun shirt to run in.  The one I decided on was "This IS my race pace". HA.  I love running....but I am the first to admit that I don't run fast, nor is it important to me to run I loved this shirt because my race pace is quite possibly someone else walking....but it is mine :)

After the Expo, we checked into our adorable cottage on Tybee Island, had a yummy pasta dinner and went straight to bed.  3am was going to come quick!
Race Day was finally here!  We had to get up extra early to drive to The Savannah Mall to ride the shuttle into the city.  Parking would have been pretty much impossible in the city since 23,000 other people wanted the same parking spot!
We got to Bay Street around 5:30am and we had about 2 hours before the race started....and it was FREEZING!!!!  But, I am really glad we got there so early.  We were able to check our gear, find our corrals, stand in the LONG line to use the bathroom and loosen up before Go Time!  Oh and take lots of pictures!

The race started at 7:30 and it was so exciting!  Too bad I had to wait another 35 minutes to actually cross the Start Line.  But my time came and I was off and running!

It is amazing how fast the first couple miles go when you are surrounded by so many others.  Before I knew it, I was at the 5K mark....32:26.  I felt great!  Right before the race started, I looked at my IPod to get it ready and the battery was on red!  Seriously...I charged it on the way to the race and it was already dead....I think I forgot to turn it off...such bad luck!  So, I decided not to turn on my pump up music until I really needed it.  Come 4...I needed something so IPod came to my rescue!  And once again...before I knew it...I had run a 10K....1:07:09.  And then I HAD to go to the bathroom....I hate this during a race, but stopping is better than the alternative!  And there was a a couple minutes later...back to running!  Mile 8-12 was along gorgeous Savannah Residential streets covered by mossy oaks and lined with gorgeous architecture...right up my alley!  Right before the 10 mile mark, I had to walk.  I could not feel my second toe on both weird, but I have had this problem every time I have run training this time.  I regained feeling right at the 10 mile marker...1:57:58.  My IPod died at 10 and Miles 10-11 seemed like FOREVER!!!  I kept telling myself at 11 I would walk some...and right before Marker 11, I heard someone say "Only 2 Miles can do it!"  And I thought about how easy 2 miles is and I pushed along!  I was sooo close!  And then at the end....something comes over you and you just feel like you have to run as fast as you I sprinted (which was probably no more than a nice jog but in my mind felt really fast) and crossed that finish line smiling....2:38:15 (but if you subtract the bathroom break, I would say 2:36ish!). 

I am so excited because, other than my toes, my body felt AMAZING!  And I finished 4 minutes faster than my Country Music 1/2 time!  Yay for improvement!  Overall, I had a 12:04 minute pace!

Now let's talk about my Hubby...he is just awesome!!!  Zach had a 28:02 5K, 55:56 10K, 1:30:08 10 Mile and....Drum Roll.....finished the 1/2 Marathon in 1:58:47...He finished in under 2 hours!!!!!  So very proud!
And this girl kicked some major butt!  My friend, Katie, ran her first Marathon and finished around 3:50hr...absolutely unbelievable!

And of course our Kiddos were so proud of Mommy and Daddy!

After the race, we got ready for the big UA v LSU game....which was quite a disappointment but how could someone let that ruin such a great day!

Sunday, we were up bright and early because kids don't get Daylight Savings!!! 
This is our cute cottage!

Check out was at we left a little early to make 10am Mass at this bad boy....
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist!  This was Zach's 1st Mass in a Cathedral!

and then we ate lunch here!  We ARE Irish!
And sadly our weekend away came to a close...way too fast!

And on our way home...we started to think of where we were going to run our next 1/2 marathon!


momofbugs said...

I could have been holding Evan...I was and am wearing the same funny. Charlotte...sounds great!!!!

kimberly t. bowling said...

I am super impressed and proud of all of you! Way to go! Love the race shirt. I enjoyed the only 5K I was in, and I had to walk much of it, but finishing felt like such an accomplishment (and it wasn't even an official race, but rather one for on the air force base for my FIL's retirement). Oh, and that pic of Evan smiling brightly is ADORABLE!