Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Baptismal Day to Evan!

What an absolutely blessed day we had on Saturday!  My Baby boy is now Baptized!

Zach and I thought and prayed a lot about who we wanted to be Evan's Godparents.  In the Catholic faith, we choose Godparents to help us in the raising of our children in their faith....it is a big deal and not a decision to take lightly...well not in this family :)  And Zach and I were in complete agreement that Alyshia and Greg would be the perfect people to be Evan's Godparents!

Evan and 3 other little girls were baptized...so it was quite packed....which is just beautiful because this day is a celebration!

Evan is one popular guy....look at all the people who came to share in this day with us...so blessed!!!

Zach's side of the Family!

Our Beautiful Godbabies and their families!

And my side of the family!

After the Baptism, we had a small reception at my parent's house!  And ate more cake...yummy!

I just love days like these that we are reminded how blessed we are to have such an Amazing God!  A God who gave us the gift of His Son, the gift of our family and our friends!

Welcome to The Catholic Church and your Christian Life, Evan!


crystal hollyhand said...

The picture of you and Evan is just beautiful! Definitely a framer!!

Joy said...

Looks like it was a perfect day. so happy for all of you.

kimberly t. bowling said...

I agree with Crystal, love that pic of you and Evan.