Friday, November 11, 2011

3 Months Old

What a month we have had!  So what is Evan up to....
  • Evan is about 12lbs.
  • Evan is in size 1 diapers and 0-3 or 3 months clothes.
  • Evan eats every 3-4 hours and when he has a bottles drinks 4oz with rice cereal.
  • Evan has his own little look...but favors Mommy :)
  • Evan is a great sleeper.  He sleeps from 8pm-7am, waking at 10ish to have his last feeding of the day and he takes lots of short naps during the day.
  • Evan LOVES to be swaddled, it calms him right down.
  • Evan is sleeping great in his room and crib!
  • Evan loves his swing and bouncy seat.
  • Evan is a very noisy eater.
  • Evan has really started to smile a lot.  And he usually cooes a ton while smiling!
  • Evan is paying attention to his surroundings much more now.
  • Evan loves his floor gyms and smiles right when he gets put down on it.
  • Evan loves his big sister.  He seriously just stares at her and smiles.
  • Evan still has reflux and goes through at least 4 bibs a day and sometimes 2 or 3 outfits.
  • Evan is taking to his pacie really well...but I know it is just a matter of time before he gets his thumb.
  • Evan has the stinkiest toots and only poops every 3-4 days.
  • Evan loves getting his diaper changed and nakey time!
  • Evan is still really sensitive to tomatoe based foods.
  • Evan has gorgeous blue eyes and is starting to get more hair...brown.
  • Evan has had a cold some of this month....his poor cough breaks your heart.
  • Evan loves to be cuddled and have his bottom patted when he is sleepy.
  • Evan is really ticklish around his neck and on his back.
  • Evan likes his bath, but isn't crazy about it.
  • Evan is able to grasp items and really hold on.
  • Evan does really well in his car seat.
  • Evan loves to sit up and be bounced on your knee.
Evan is a really easy baby and just makes our world that much more complete!!!!  Love him so much! 


Mary said...

aw i think he favors Zoe alot in these pics with his facial expressions..he's got the sweetest little smile!

momofbugs said...

What a cute little man! So looking forward to Christmas and getting to spend time with everyone :)