Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas!

Oh How I love Christmas! We had a blast this Christmas celebrating with Zoe...but to be honest...I think my hubby acted more like the kid on Christmas Morning. Due to work schedules and Family Gatherings, Zach and I decided to celebrate our Christmas on Christmas Eve. But, my husband could NOT wait. He had been asking to celebrate since a week before and I finally gave in on Christmas Eve Eve.

We had a blast though! Zoe got a Monkey Tent from Santa and she just loves it! We put her toys in it and she has been playing and playing. Good thing for fold up into a tiny sphere for easy storage.

And like I said....Zach is quite the kid he had fun playing in the tent as well.

Zach and I decided to fill each other's stockings for one another. He had a hard time keeping it to the stocking....I guess a Dirt Devil wouldn't fit. So excited though!!!

One of Zoe's gift was joining the Disney Movie Club. She got lots of great movies including the Toy Story those movies!!!!

And I did listen to the fact that we were keeping gifts small enough to fit in the stocking....and Zach got an iPhone....I have lost him to it....but he deserves it!

Christmas Eve we spent at my parents house doing all of our family traditions. We always put up the tree on Christmas Eve and decorate together while listening to our favorite Christmas songs!

And of course, we nap!

Then we all got ready for Christmas Mass!

And then it was Christmas Morning!

And one of my favorite traditions is that my mom gets us all new pjs....she did awesome this year...most comfy pjs yet!

We spent the morning as a family doing nothing but relaxing! Then The Stryszko's, Allison's, Uncle Tim, Cane, Brad and Susan came over for dinner.

Oh.....and did I SNOWED!!!!! We had a White Christmas!The day after Christmas, Kimberly, Cory and Carson came over for Brunch!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

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Lone Butterfly said...

My sister, Boo Sheep, just joined the Disney DVD Club, too! She's loving it - I want to look at it closer, it seems like it's a great deal, but I keep waiting for the catch! I'd love to know what other movies you got for her.

(And - while I would love an iPhone, the Dirt Devil is pretty cool!) Merry Christmas!