Monday, December 6, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I have so much to blog about, but can't seem to find any time to get to the internet....Sad, I know. So we will settle with a post with no pictures, which I hate, from my phone.

Let's say it's a Miscellany Monday :)

1. I have been working full time for almost two months now. It was great at first because I had all these reasons as to why this was best for our family right now. Some positives are that even though I am working, Zoe is taken care of by me or Zach the entire day. I am going to have insurance now and it is way better than the insurance through Zach's work. And I get a raise. Bad Part....I miss Zach because we now tag team and see each other twice a week. And that in itself doesn't make it worth it. I am trying to see how this might all work...please say some prayers for me in this department!

2. Thanksgiving was great....once we got there! Zoe cried the entire 4 hours there and back. It is so discouraging. We traveled at night because of my work schedule and she was up the entire time. Way past her bed time. We are going to try some new things at Christmas because we cannot handle that much crying again.

3. Christmas is in the air! I have started to decorate the house, light the Christmas candles and we are getting our tree this week! I love this time of year....and for is actually cold! And it makes it that much better! We are almost done with our shopping. I can't wait for Christmas Mass, too!

4. Zach's classes for RCIA have been going great. The last two sessions have been on the history of the Church....the good, bad and the ugly. But it is so interesting because not only do you get the history of Catholicism, but of Europe and every other Protestant religion because evrything is related. Mass is just that much better with him by my side. Makes me so happy!

More to come.....and hopefully a real post soon!

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