Friday, December 24, 2010

Mark Your Calendar

For the last 2 months, Zach and I have been practicing Natural Family Planning (NFP). It is amazing how much I learned about my body just by taking my temperature and filling out a chart everyday. What I loved most was that Zach also knew what was going on with me every month because we discussed it....we made decisions based on where I was every month and it is amazing how in tune we were with one another.

And I am sure a lot of you might be thinking....well that NFP really worked....your pregnant. Well, it did. I knew when I was ovulating and in that moment, Zach and I decided together that we would put everything into God's hands. And God's plan is great...and we are pregnant!

So....I know exactly the day that we conceived our Baby #3 which is really awesome in my opinion!

Here is our Countdown to August!
January 22nd ~ Your Baby has a Heart Beat
February 19th ~ Announce Your Pregnancy
....too late for that
February 26th ~ Your Baby Sees Light
March 5th ~ Is Your Baby a Boy or a Girl
...but we will be waiting until its Birthday!
March 19th ~ Feel Your Baby Kick
March 26th ~ Your Baby Hears Sound
May 21st ~ Your Baby Can Breathe
June 25th ~ Your Baby has Fingernails and Toenails
July 30th ~ Your Baby is Full Term
August 20th ~ Your Baby's DUE DATE!