Thursday, July 15, 2010

8 Months Old

• Zoe is about 16 pounds
• Zoe takes 4 bottles a day, every 4 hours and eats 3 meals in between.
• Zoe takes 3 naps, anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours long.
• Zoe wears size 3 diapers and 6-9, 6 month and 9 month clothing.
• Zoe giggles all the time and has a little squeal at the end of her giggles.
• Zoe has lots of blonde hair and can wear toddler size bows! Big Milestone.
• Zoe has 2 bottom teeth.
• Zoe has big, big blue eyes
• Zoe is getting really frustrated that she isn’t mobile. • Zoe sits up like a champ.
• Zoe got her first big boo boo this past month.
• Zoe loves older kids!
• Zoe is a Mommy’s girl.
• Zoe hates to be thrown in the air.
• Zoe loves to swing and loves her new swing for our house.
• Zoe did not really travel this past month, which was a nice break.

• Zoe spent the night away from home and Mommy and Daddy for the first time this past month.
• Zoe is eating table foods. Some big firsts this month were chicken, waffles, pasta, and I am sure her Daddy threw in some other foods that I wouldn’t approve of.

• Zoe is almost able to drink from her sippy cup all by herself.
• Zoe is rocking back and forth on her knees.
• Zoe loves to play peek-a-boo.

• Zoe is learning the phrase “Not in your Mouth”….because all things tend to end up going there. • Zoe dislikes her carseat more and more. I can’t wait to switch and turn her around.
• Zoe no longer sits still when getting her diaper changed….I have to bribe her with a toy.

• Zoe still loves, loves the water.
• Zoe is an extremely easy baby and so happy.
• Zoe totally cheeses it for the camera…Mommy taught her well.

• Zoe loves to go to the grocery store and ride in the cart.
• Zoe had lots of visitors this past month.
• Zoe has started to pull up on Mommy and Daddy and shown a lot more interest in standing.
• Zoe dances the “Hot Dog” dance every morning and loves music.
• Zoe loves to hear Daddy’s voice over the phone….she smiles the whole time. • Zoe talks a ton! She makes almost all sounds.
• Zoe tugs at her ear and sucks her thumb when she is ready for night night.

• Zoe’s favorite thing to say is “da-da”.
• Zoe’s favorite toy is a remote or phone.
• Zoe tries really hard to sit up from a laying down position.
• Zoe sits in her new highchair for all her meals. • Zoe has some rolls and chubby cheeks….Finally!
• Zoe loves to point at things with her pointer finger.
• Zoe loves to throw items off of the couch, the table, her high chair, whatever and see where they go to.
• Zoe is going to be a BIG SISTER!

Things that have helped me survive this month:
  • As I am sure you can imagine, life at The Phillips' House has been a little bit crazy. And really all I could do this month to help me survive was to SLEEP....any time I found a chance to. I have never been so tired in my life and I hate that feeling. So maybe the laundry was a couple days late, or the floor wasn't swept, or the flowers weren't watered....and now might be dead....oppps. But I got SLEEP! And that is all that matters!
  • Zoe got a pretty bad boo boo on her nose, as you might have seen in pictures. Poor Baby. Aquaphor was AMAZING in helping to heal her nose without scarring. I swear by that stuff!
  • And I have I told you all lately how much I miss having the internet at home....I am sure I have! Many times! But more to come on our exciting news!


Katie said...

Congrats on the new baby!!

Sarah said...

OOOh my goodness i am so excited for you!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! I think i reread "Zoe is going to be a big sister" about three times until it clicked :-)

Happy 8 Months Zoe!!!!

Christine said...

So excited for you! I had to read the announcement a few times too... Congrats!