Thursday, June 24, 2010 Jesus

This song just completely spoke to me. It seems that God just really gets to me through music.....I just open myself up so much to music and I am sure God knows that.

This song is BEAUTIFUL! And with all that is going on in my life, it just spoke volumes. From Death to Hurt to Deceit to Joy and Love, it says one thing.....give it to Jesus. God never wanted us to go through tough times alone or hurt without someone to lean on. God also wants to dance when we dance and be happy with us when we are happy. He wants to be part of ALL of us and be there for us no matter what.

People tend to lean on Him more in times of need...but we need to praise Him at all times! Praise Him for our blessings and our burdens.....He does everything for a reason.

So Sing to Jesus, Dance for Jesus, Fall on Jesus, Cry to Jesus.....and Fly to Jesus!