Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I love the radio station I listen to. I can relate so much to the hosts. So…the segment the other day that I caught was Kevin and Taylor asking people how they were cheap…..in a very nice….very humorous way.

Taylor talked about how her mom would always wash out zip lock bags and reuse them….not sure how I feel about that. Kevin talked about how he didn’t use toothpaste at night, only in the morning. And a dental hygienist even called in and said that that was fine and in now way unhealthy. Not sure how I feel about that either to save a penny. I love that peppermint fresh feeling in my mouth after brushing!

So I got to thinking about how I am cheap. And when I say cheap….I do not mean it negatively. I think we all, in our own way, try to pinch a penny when we can.

The first thing that came to mind was how I am cheap with diapers. Now that Zoe Jane is eating solids….well….her poops are solid. And as I am sure all you mothers know….you can totally tell when your child is pooping. Zoe makes a really funny face. So when I see the face….we go straight to the changing table and when she is done….and only if her diaper is not wet too….I take the turd out, flush it, and put the diaper back on. Cheap….it screams CHEAP….I know. But with girls, you can’t leave poop in their diaper. And most of the time, Zoe has 4 or 5 little turds until she is done….spaced out over an hour. That is 5 diapers in an HOUR if I were to give her a new one every turd….Sorry….not happening.

So....how are you Cheap?


Candace said...

I never thought about just flushing the turd and reusing the diaper! I may start doing that if Addison doesn't decide to tell me BEFORE she goes potty instead of AFTER.

Hollyhand House said...

Oh my gosh! I havent even thought to do that!! ARs has been like that since she switched formulas and that never crossed my mind. My mom said she flushed it the other day but then changed it. haha That is a good idea though...especially when she is dry, just a hard terd! :)
---I refill water bottles insted of buying them all the time. I like drinking out of the bottle or taking it with me and Riley takes them to work. But when you have a filter, its the same thing!

momofbugs said...

I did that with diapers too! I hate spending money on diapers. That is basically what you would do if you used cloth diapers.

And they call it puppy love said...

I buy everything possible in "off brand"...I am trying to stop using paper towels and just use rags to clean, etc....I am also not using baby wipes to clean Carson after he eats, just using a warm rag, and he doesn't protest as much, I think it feels better on his face than the wipe.

I have a thermos that I put my water in instead of buying water bottles.

momofbugs said...

reuse gift bags, make myown laundry soap and reuse some ziplocks....mainly the ones that have say goldfish in them and you are just refilling. I have been trying to think of some other things.

Rebecca said...

I would reuse zip locks for goldfish....the example they gave on the radio was was even after a tuna fish sandwich......could have barfed!!