Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let's Get Caught Up

What a week it has been! It has been crazy here and I missed blogging oh so here is a quick one to get all caught up!

Last Monday, we headed to NY after news of my Pop Pop's passing.....It was so quick, it was hard to even believe it was a bad dream! But he went without suffering and that is such a blessing. We made a pit stop to pick up my sister in NC, so I got to see all my nieces which was great. And I finally got to see her new home!

Thursday was the wake. I have never really experienced death before and I have never been to a this was REALLY difficult. But I got to shed many, many tears and say goodbye to my Pop Pop. And send him off with many kisses...hershey kisses that is....his favorite!

Friday was the funeral and then THE PARTY. If any of you have ever met my Pop Pop, then this makes sense. All he wanted was a party, not a funeral, but a party. And that is what we did. It was great!

We got back on Sunday and the most HORRIBLE smell EVER greeted us at the door. Our refrigerator completely busted while we were gone. DISGUSTING!!!! We found out the compressor is shot. And hopefully it will get fixed soon!!!

So overall, it has been an exhausting, emotional, bitter sweet week. We are happy to be back home, getting back into the swing of things.

As for Zoe Jane....she traveled great! Her new favorite hobby is is all she does! She has tried carrots, mango, pears, sweet potatoes, breads, apple sauce, bananas, yogurt, potatoes and loved it all. I do believe she is packing on the pounds!

Hope you all had a good week!


And they call it puppy love said...

Oh no, hope you get the fridge fixed soon! That is awful! Glad Zoe is doing good. We need some pics!

Lauren said...

So sorry to hear about your Pop Pop Becca. I saw your status update on Facebook but didn't know what to say. I'm so sorry, you have been in my prayers! Glad to hear Zoe Jane traveled so well! Hope your fridge gets fixed soon, that has to be quite unpleasant. Hugs!!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Pop Pop! It sounds like you had an exhausting week! Hope this week is a more relaxing!