Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just Average

“Make Average Great….and All your dreams will come true!”

I have been wrapping my brain around this statement for a couple weeks now. I was watching Oprah and the episode was on celebrities going back to their first jobs. Susie Orman, the money specialist as I know her, was on and she said the above statement. I found it to be very powerful….and that I could apply it to my life….heck….that is my life.

I am average….I am the definition of average. Yet…….I love my life…..I love being Average! I have an average home….that I believe is great. My husband and I have average cars….that work great. I have average clothes that do their job...well great….We eat at average restaurants….We have average jobs….we are average.

I have everything I need! Why does society make me feel that my Average is not enough? Why does society make me feel that I need a bigger house, a newer car, the coolest new gadget, or tons of toys for my baby? Why does society bear down on me and make me feel like my Average is not good enough? Why do I let society affect me so much?

Don’t get me wrong….there are so many things I want for my family and me. So many things I have to be patient for and work for. But I am making what we have….making our average….GREAT! And believe it or not…..every day….more and more of my dreams come true….by being just average.

I have struggled...well as long as I can remember...with being comfortable with my finances. I have never been without...but I also have never been the one who never had to worry. I have dedicated myself to living within my means....SO HARD sometimes. But, society, I feel, and by society meaning sometimes peers, sometimes family, sometimes people at church or in a social group, adds pressure. Not always on purpose, but I am sure you know what I am saying. Why do I let this affect me so often?

BIG goal of mine is to not let it! To love my AVERAGE, beautiful life. To be grateful for the things I have each and every day....not the things I can't have. To love what I am blessed with and be happy for others and their blessings. To be comfortable with my financial situation and realize that we are beyond blessed!

To realize that being Average is making all my dreams come True!


Beth McC. said...

WOW! Did you write this for me today? Because it was exactly what I needed to hear this Saturday afternoon! Another reason I love blogging because someone else's words are EXACTLY what you might need hear. SO Thank You!

I love to link this to my blog if that is ok?

Danielle said...

What a GREAT post! Thanks for sharing Becca, I couldn't agree more. This is definitely an issue that I am struggling with as well...I am vowing to have an appreciation for my average life as well!

Stephanie and Ryan said...

How I feel all the time!

And they call it puppy love said...

You are very blessed! You have a BEAUTIFUL home with an insane talent for decorating, a beautiful baby girl who you get to stay home with, and a sweet hubby. Not to mention the coolest SIL on earth. Who could ask for more! Don't worry about what others have or think.

Stacey said...

This is one of my favorite posts ever! I too am constantly feeling the pressure...wanting to please everybody, even though I might be happy with things just as they are. It is so hard to just be happy with my average when everyone else is telling me it is not enough. Argh! I really like that quote from Suze, she is one of my favorite money pioneers. I will be adding that quotes to my daily devotions, love your perspective!