Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I seriously cannot get enough sweets lately! I guess you could call it cravings...but it stretches far beyond ice cream or a candy bar. Everytime I see something sweet....I want it. I am trying to find some healthier alternatives to getting all the sweets to try and trick myself. I got fat free fudge bars, chocolate rice cakes (so not chocolate), but sometimes it just doesn't do the trick :)I have a stash of gobstoppers in the car for my rides to and from work. Lucky for me, I love fruits and they do the trick a lot of the time.

Another sweet thing I just realized is that I haven't bought one piece of maternity clothing yet! My mom got me some capris, Chrysti and Kimberly have let me borrow clothes and I have a handful of shirts or dresses that I can still wear. Only thing that I will probably be purchasing in the near future is a bathing suit. I feel fine right now in my normal 2 pieces...but I am sure it won't last long!

Last thing....please keep me and Zach in your prayers. We have begun the house hunting process. We are so ready to get back to "real life" and getting back to living the way we used to. As appreciative as we are for everything we have been provided, I think it is only natural to feel this way. So many prayers are needed!


momofbugs said...

sweets is one of those things that say you are having a girl.

And they call it puppy love said...

Starting mid-pregnancy I couldn't get enough fruit, I still want it all the time, especially pineapple. And lately, its chocolate too...I think that's just a bad habit that I can't break since we bought all those sweets a couple of weekends ago and pigged out!

Carrie said...

Special K bars are a good sweet fix too! The yogurt drizzled on top makes them amazing. They even come in chocolate and they are healthy...only 90 calories!!