Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet Summertime

I must say, that I have really enjoyed my summer so far. My days consist of Pool and Park....all week...which has really helped with the tanning :) And I love being outside! One thing that I have realized though being around pools all summer is how important it is to me to have our baby in the pool as soon as possible. Swimming has always been a huge part of my life and I hope it can also be for the baby. Of course, when I brought this up to Zach, telling him how I can't wait to get the baby in the pool and teach him/her how to swim early....he freaked out! He said if we have a boy....that our son WILL NOT be a swimmer! I quickly told him that there is a huge difference in teaching our child a life safety skill and our son wearing a tiny speedo. MEN! Another thing that I have realized being by the pool is that my leg hair has not grown at all! I shaved Saturday before heading to the pool and seriously have not that part of this whole preggo thing :)

This week, my parents are renovating their kitchen...very exciting! To stay out of the way, Zach and I have been staying the week with Cory and Kimberly. I absolutely love the fact that they live so close! We enjoy spending time with them whenever we can. And I can't wait to have our babies grow up together! Oh they are going to be so cute! Growing up, my extended family lived across the country, so having family close is so special to me.

Zach and I also have found a house we really like. We are going to look at a couple more though tomorrow before settling on our choice. We will see!

Finally, Jersey Boys is here! I am so excited to see the show on Saturday!


And they call it puppy love said...

We have enjoyed having you there! Maybe next year by this time, we could be on a family beach will be long overdue! I need to buy a speedo for Carson and see what Cory says!

"Z" said...

I think a speedo on a little one is the only correct way to wear one, at least until he is walking, then it's time for a change. Reading your's and Kimberly's blog makes me glad for the communication but sad we don't live closer.(missing ya'll!)