Saturday, June 13, 2009

Naive I think I was a little bit naive to the way I will be feeling, physically and emotionally, after I have the baby....and attending the wonderful Miley concert. The more I got to thinking about it...I really can't imagine leaving the baby...even if he/she would be sleeping during that time. Plus, who knows how everything is going to play out with the birth. Miley for me this year...maybe her next tour...I am sure this won't be her last.

Carrying on....I am 18 weeks today and feeling every bit of it! I have had random pains in my right hip...the baby is mainly on the right side. My back gets sore or tired much faster. Also, not sure if this is normal, but my chest is extremely tight when I first wake up every takes 3 or 4 deep breaths to feel better. I have been using a pillow under my knees or in between my knees while sleeping which really helps. Positive things are that I sleep all through the night, every night now! And I now have an excuse to eat my favorite sweets! I think the baby likes them because it has been moving a Mother, like baby :)

I finally bought a bathing suit that I think is pretty cute, considering the slim pickings. I also bought a Baby Book that I absolutely love. I can't wait to start filling it in!


momofbugs said...

being a mom comes with lots of choices...some are hard to make and some are alot of fun.

Candace said...

I went overnight to Atlanta for the Britney concert when Addison was 3 months old. It was extremely difficult, but it was definitely needed - I got some great time with friends that I hadn't had in over 9 months. I also left Addison with her sweet Daddy, which is my advice on leaving baby for the first time. I still can't do stays with grandparents (not to mention they are so far away).

Whatever you do - I know you won't be sorry. Concert with Miley - fabulous. Time with Baby (according to your sweet tooth baby girl) - fabulous, fabulous!

Rebecca said...

I would be fine with it 3 months...I don't think at 2 weeks though...that is if the baby comes on time. Leaving with Daddy doesn't make me nervous either....grandparents will definitely take a little bit longer though :)

"Z" said...

I'm glad that you have such a positive attitude. And I agree that Miley will wait. Plus, none of us know how birth is gonna be. With each of my pregnancies, a whole new set of emotions came with it. So enjoy the baby, relax, let those of us who want to take care of you - take care of you. Keep dreaming though, thats what takes us from one mountain to the next-dream big.luv"Z"