Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parenting Test Part 2 the parenting test didn't really work out like I thought it would. But my sister commented so we will play the game with hers.


You put your one and two year old down for a nap. The younger one is in a pack and play and the older is in a toddler bed. After a little while you stand outside the door to make sure they have gone to sleep but you still hear little noises so you open the door to tell them to lay down. But when you open the door, you find both kids in the pack and play, neither have a diaper on and there is poop EVERYWHERE!!!! What do you do?


I don't think I would do this with my kids but definitely with yours....I would have to start by stop laughing hysterically (I don't think I would think it was funny with my own). Then I would take both of them to the bath, clean up the poop, seriously disinfect everything, and then I would never put them in the same room at the same time for a nap again :)

How did you solve the problem?


The Cannons said...

OK. Don't know about solving, but I do have a real scenario for you. When Houston was about 18 mths, I went into check on him from his nap and found a mess. He had pooped, managed to pull his diaper off and was smearing it on the walls, baby bed, even himself.It was so nasty but I had to get it on film. He will kill me one of these days and won't believe the story, but Momma's got proof! And yes, straight to the tub we went!

Candace said...

Wish I could've contributed, but we haven't had much to worry about....yet! There have been days where the poop cometh like water.....those are fun.

I would've laughed....even with my own. I can't help myself. Of course the tub is the only option after the laughter (and blogging!).

momofbugs said...

I preet much handled it the way you did...and was laughing on the inside and yelling on the outside because they are thumbsuckers and wanted to put their thumbs in their not this time. That was the last time that they took naps in the same room for a really long time. If you can handle this situation I am sure you will be ready for anything.