Friday, February 13, 2009

Let me Explain

Some of you, especially the ones who have known me for a while, my be questioning what is going on with me. That this is not the Rebecca they have known in the past.

Have you ever opened your eyes and realized that there is more to life?...more than a new Coach purse, a pair of beautiful diamond earrings, the "things" we all want so badly...(even though I do love those things)? I have realized this...and I WANT more! My eyes have been opened to the life that I was meant to live and I have never treasured life more than now!

I have always heard people talk about following God, praying, the whole kit and caboodle, but never really "got it", so to speak. I have always gone to Church. I was raised Catholic, and still am, but I have finally realized what it means to be a Christian....a True Catholic. I have found a new love and respect for my faith, one that I have never given thought to or paid attention to. And I LOVE IT!

I have finally started my relationship with God at 23. I hate that it took me that long, but so glad I am here. I have never been happier and I feel like I always have someone beside me to help me with everything I go through. Someone who can take on all the things I can't do by myself. When I say that God has a plan, I know that it was in His plan that I would finally love Him now, at this time in my life. At this time, I realize that I need Him and never want to live without Him. Not only is God there for me, but He has given me the greatest amazing man to share this life with, to go through ups and downs with, to give my love and support to...He gave me Zach to show me how much I can love and how much I WANT to love. So cool right?

This blog may have been completely unnecessary, but I felt the need to talk about the change in my life so my friends and family know that it is sincere. It isn't a phase or trend I want to follow, this life changing time for me is a blessing and I can't wait to see what this new found love and life holds!

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Kaitlin said...

I want you to know that I just cried harder reading this then I did "Bring on The Rain"!!!! I love you so much and God does too and He knew you would always loved Him!