Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I know, I is just a Hallmark Holiday...but I thought I would write a couple things that I LOVE about Zach!

1. I love his playfulness. He is rarely serious and never lets me takes things to seriously. It is refreshing.

2. I love that our feet always touch while we fall asleep at night. We can't cuddle, we both get way too hot. But this is a way for us to show our's the little things!

3. I love his love of kids and wanting children. I love when he holds a baby. He is so careful and gentle...I love it!

4. I love when I suggest something to him when he is getting ready...whether he should iron his shirt or wear different shoes. He asks like he doesn't care what I say, but always changes the thing I suggest. I makes me feel like he really values my opinion.

4. I love that he tells me how beautiful I am constantly (this is what I mean by loving the things that COST NOTHING!)

5. I love that he always thanks me for the nice things I do for him.

6. I love when I asked him what has surprised him most about being married and he said "how easy it is."

7. I love that he tells me "I love you" so much you could get sick of I? Absolutely not!

8. I love when he acts so hard and tough, but I know how loving he really is.

9. I love his eyes; how they are brown around the pupil but then fade into green....beautiful!

10. I love that the first time he told me loved me...he was so nervous...he texted it. I, of course, called him RIGHT AWAY and can't say those things in a text message. But I loved it!

11. I love that he shows emotion. He has cried twice in front of me and I have never felt so much love for him then at those two moments.

12. I love his voice. It was one of the first things that attracted me to him. Although we met in person, our relationship really grew over the phone and everyday I looked forward to hearing his voice. He also can melts my heart.

13. I love praying with him. It shows me a side of him that isn't always shown. Sometimes when we pray together, I open my eyes to watch him. His eyebrows go really high and his eyes are shut so tight and he holds my hands so gently. This moment I look forward to everyday.

14. I love how natural it feels to love him; like I have known him my whole life.

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