Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

This note has been going around Facebook for a little while and I thought it would be fun to bring into the blog world. So here are 25 random things, goals, habits, or facts about me! It is good therapy :)

1. I hate dirty dishes...I hate touching them, especially if they have been in the sink longer than an hour. It really, seriously, grosses me out. This explains why I am a freak about putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, IMMEDIATELY!

2. If I could drink wine for breakfast I would...okay a little bit of an exaggeration, but I love it!

3. Everything about eggs I hate. The smell, texture, taste....kissing Zach after he eats them...everything!

4. I have a KitchenAid mixer but have never used it...Zach uses it for everything he possibly can think to use it for, pudding, pancakes, chocolate milk....anything!

5. Empty space annoys me to no end.

6. I am a huge believer in love at first sight.

7. I believe that God has a plan for everyone, the power of prayer is incredible, and there is nothing better than forgiveness.

8. I have a bad addiction to ice cream...specifically Chocolate Raspberry Truffle...are there meetings for this?

9. I hate where I live....and I truly believe that this reflects in my attitude towards many things which I think I hate more.

10. I have always had a dream of having one big dog and one small dog and them being best friends. Parts of this I still hold on to. I want a French Bulldog and his name would be Fred.

11. I am scared to death of speed...which some of you would laugh at due to my numerous speeding tickets. But I am scared to go too fast on jet skis, can't ride on motorcycles, have a tough time with Atv's, galloping on horse...ahhhh, scared to go too fast skiing or sports like that. Terrified!

12. I wish I was more girly.

13. I love painting, any kind.

14. I cannot wait to be a mother....hopefully one day to 4....and if I am really all boys...but once is God's plan :)

15. I can't stand my neck being touched.

16. I get annoyed easily by control freaks.

17. I get disappointed often that I am not doing what I love and worked so hard for, being an interior designer.

18. I love paying things off....I feel a sense of victory!

19. I love surprises, sweet nothings, things you don't expect and cost NOTHING!

20. I have a hard time cooking because I constantly have to wash my hands.

21. I love Calendars. I love writing on the dates. I love marking the dates that have passed. I love looking at them and seeing what is coming up.

22. I love walking around stores and getting ideas that I may or may not ever use, just imagining is the fun of it.

23. I wish there was a Biggest Loser for people who needed to lose 20 or 30 lbs.

24. July 21, 2007 was one of the best days of my life.

25. Never in my life have I felt so loved.