Monday, November 17, 2008

St. Margaret's Dedication

This weekend was the dedication of the new sanctuary at St. Margaret's, the Church Zach and I have been going to. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I didn't realize how big of a deal it was to dedicate a new church, as it should be. The Archbishop of Mobile, Archbishop Bodi, celebrated the mass with the church. I learned a ton about all that goes into a Catholic Church; that I am sure I learned at some point in school many years ago but never paid attention to. There are so many traditions that take place that have been passed down over the centuries. One that I thought was really great was the dedication of the altar. Every altar is blessed with relics from the Saints and anointed with oil. I had no clue that these things were done. It was fascinating to me and I am glad I was there to take part in the celebration. Zach really enjoyed the Mass too, or so he says. He even sang along! After mass, St. Margaret's provided lunch for everyone, over 800 people. It was so good! We sat with my boss, Sherrie's, family at the luncheon. It was so crowded. But it was an absolutely perfect day!

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