Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Our nephew, Ian, loves to go camping. For Ian, camping is blowing up a mattress and spending the night on the floor in the living room. You can not resist when he asks you to "go camping". Actually, you can't really resist when he asks you to do anything....he is so cute. But, Zach built an amazing fire last night and we decided to "go camping". We blew up the mattress and got settled in to go to sleep. It was so great going to sleep to the sound of wood popping and the smell of a burning fire....I love it! Because the fire was giving off so much heat, we only got a sheet and a small blanket to cover up with....bad idea! Once the fire died down....we both FROZE! I got up and got another blanket for us....still freezing...hours later...or maybe minutes...I don't remember...Zach got up, turned on the heat, and brought in the comforter. After this we both slept great....I wish we had done that in the first place. You live and you learn. It was fun though :)

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Life throws you surprises! said...

Sounds nice. I wish I had a fireplace right now. I love the comfort of it. This old house is so drafty we all freeze and if we turn the heat up too much, kids wake up with bloody noses. I can't win. Oh well only a few more weeks and I can put this house in my past :)!!!!!