Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun Fun

I love nothing more then when family comes and visits. Rickey and Zelda surprised us on Friday by letting us know they were coming down. I love it when they come. We always have so much fun, usually doing absolutely nothing. But it is always good times. Friday night I cooked dinner and we played Monopoly. The game lasted forever and Zach eventually took over the whole board...he will never let me forget it either :) Saturday we relaxed. Zach and Rickey went out to Kiva to check out the course and Zelda and I sat at home and caught up. We watched football the rest of the day and made chili...YUM! Sunday, we went to eat at Lambert's, a restaurant known for "throwing rolls". Unfortunately, I wasn't really impressed. The guys fixed some things around the house later that day and Zelda and I watched Chic Flics....finally someone to watch them with me! Monday, Zach took off and my boss allowed me to take half the day off which was so great. We went to lunch at Old World Bakery, one of Zach and my favorite places to eat. We then bought Pictionary Man....SO MUCH FUN! We played two times before we had to hit the hay. What a great weekend! I can't wait for them to visit again!

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