Monday, November 10, 2008

I feel Grown Up

Zach and I had an amazing weekend! I am really liking the time we get to spend together right now...with no distractions. Zach had the weekend off....which was so great...and we took full advantage of it. Saturday, we were up by 7:00...out of bed by 8:00 and off to work out! What a great way to start a day! We had a wedding to go to...of course...right in the middle of the Bama Game. Who does that? But, we went to Jesse's to watch the beginning of the game and then headed to the Wedding in Fairhope. Not only do I love Jesse's to eat at but it was a great place to watch the game in their bar area called The Cold Hole. The wedding was for our friends Jenn and Jason. It was a beautiful ceremony and Jenn looked beautifull too (no pictues...sorry). We left the reception once the 2nd half started. We just could not miss this game and for good reason if any of you watched it...what a nail bitter! SO we headed back to Jesse's after the wedding to watch the rest of the game. ROLL TIDE!

Sunday, we went to Church and then headed to Pensacola to go Christmas Shopping. We finished! YAY! And we also made a BIG purchase for ourselves. We bought our first sofa. We were both so excited! Now...of course...we have to repaint our living room...but it is well worth it! It gets delivered on the 20th so then I will take some other pictures. But here is the one from the website:

I love growing up!

This weekend we also watched two movies....Fracture was awesome; a really great movie. Capote was good too, just a little bit slower. It wasn't one of Zach's favorites.


Crystal said...

I love it!!!

Life throws you surprises! said...

Oh cool....totally missed this post before. That is going to look really nice and goes well with a pool table.