Thursday, May 2, 2013

Advice to an Expectant Mother of a Boy

  • Stock up on clorox wipes, oxiclean and magic erasers (these make for great, realistic items to add to your registry).
  • Buy a really, really good vacuum cleaner.  The broom doesn't cut it.
  • It is never a good sign when you go to get your son out of his crib in the morning and he smells like your scentsy warmer.  If this happens and you then find scentsy wax all down your leather couch....I have a tip.  Get wipes (suggested above) and a toothpick and slowly tick away all the wax from the couch.  Patience is key.  And so is buying a leather couch...there would be no solution for suede, fabric or any other microfiber couch or don't buy scentsy warmers (but then how would you cover up the nasty poop smell in your house caused by said boy?).
  • Stop buying nice things for your home now.  Don't argue with me.  Don't tell me your sweet baby boy won't do this...won't break that....won't destroy anything.  Denial.  You'll thank me later and so will your husband's wallet.
  • The toilet is like a indoor water table.  Boys don't care about fecal matter or pee.  They embrace germs.  Get into the habit now of always putting the seat down and shutting the bathroom door.  ALWAYS.  
  • Learn to is the best solution and advice I could give.
More advice to come soon....(Note: this all happened in an hour span this morning....get ready!)

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