Saturday, May 25, 2013

Strawberry Pickin' and Mud a Stickin'

Wednesday, we had an absolute blast going to Washington Farms with The Williams' Family to go gather some amazingly delicious strawberries!  I love that we have so many local farms that have fun activities for kids every season.  This will definitely become a tradition for our family.  This go around, we only filled one bucket...well kind of...I didn't fill the bucket to the top to make up for how many strawberries Evan ate instead of putting them in the bucket....but next time we will definitely do more buckets!  It is Saturday and we have eaten all the strawberries we picked.  SO GOOD!

 About half way through our picking time, I guess Evan got full and decided to wander and found the one and only mudhole.  Before I knew it, I saw him fall and mud fly.  Such a country little boy at heart.

Don't they look just perfect!  Each and every one of them were so good they tasted like candy!

Can't wait to go back!

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