Monday, April 29, 2013

Here we go again!

The news is out...we are expecting once again and truly feel so blessed.  You see...we find our joy in our kids.  Yes, we want things for them and for ourselves.  Yes, we have dreams of a week long vacation (one day). Yes, I realize I have signed up for another 9 months of wine-less nights.  But, for us, there is no greater gift we could give to our kids than each other or to our marriage than life!

So here we go again!

You might have noticed, all things blogging came to a halt about 12 weeks ago and now you know why.  We took a 12 week long "spring break" with Zoe and our fun, crafty days of learning.  We had many chill mornings, many naps and many pajama days with movies and computer games.

We found out about our Little Bean on March 8th by a home pregnancy test.  Although being pregnant wasn't a surprise since we started trying in January and practicing NFP makes you very aware of the stages of your cycle and your body....actually being pregnant so soon and after some (implantation) bleeding that was put off to starting a new cycle, was quite surprising, but welcomed with open arms.

The exhaustion of the first trimester has been debilitating to say the least.  I think the big thing that will help the exhaustion is more protein...possibly in the form of my morning routine.  Oh, the sacrifices we make.

I am looking forward to more energy and getting back to some structure in our home in the 2nd trimester.

Zoe is 100% convinced that Little Bean is a Girl!  It is so much fun to have a child who understands, to some extent, that there is a baby in my tummy.  She is so excited and asks about the baby all the time, which just warms my soul.

I am glad we have many, many more weeks before due date because my dear Evan needs to learn some boundaries...serious boundaries...He is all boy and is totally a face slapper, eye poker, baby pincher...make me cringe anytime he goes near the baby kinda boy.

We are changing things up this go around.  We are going to find out who our sweet baby is at our 20 week appointment.  We figured since we have one of each already that it would be fun to find out...and I might really want to have a gender reveal party :/

So cheers to the 2nd trimester!  Prayers Welcome!


Mrs. S said...

Congrats!! I have some questions about NFP for you sometime. We're catholic too and I've loved readin your

Stacey said...

Congratulations! I saw you pinned a maternity swimsuit on Pinterest and I jumped over to see if you were indeed expecting. What a sweet blessing for the whole family!