Monday, May 6, 2013

Alice in Wonderland: Zoe's 1st Recital

I have 100% come to terms with the fact that my daughter is a girly-girl.  The kid hates to be outside longer than 15 minutes, gets so excited to wear her "glass slippas" around the house and asks multiple times a day if we can "sit on the couch and relax".

Zoe has loved, loved ballet!  She gets so excited every Friday for class and can't wait to see her friends.  She loves the outfit, the little slippers, the music...she just loves it all.  But her love hit an all time high with the recital this weekend.  I have never seen this kid so excited!

Friday was rehearsal day.  We got her all dressed up in her bunny and makeup...ears and all.  She was beaming and my little mommy heart was on fire for her.  Seeing your kids happy is feeling that is really hard to put into is just the best!  We had a mini photo shoot before heading off to rehearsal.  At the rehearsal, we were able to take pictures of the performance so you know this mama was snapping away.

Sunday was the big night!  Zoe is so blessed to have family close to be able to come to her special events.  Grammy and Papa wouldn't miss their girl dancing for the world.  And we were so excited that Zoe's Godmother, Jenny, and her family were able to come as well!

 Kaitlin was speaking to the teens at SJN Sunday night, so she was able to stop by for a second to see her favorite rabbit.  Zoe could not stop saying how excited she was!

 She was READY!
 After the recital, my dad and mom gave Zoe a beautiful bouquet and I am not sure Zoe could have smiled bigger!  She absolutely loved receiving her flowers and getting a big "We are so proud of you!"...did I mention that she is girly?

It was a long and exhausting but absolutely wonderful night!

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Mary said...

she is just adorable!!