Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preschool Orientation!

Today we had Zoe's orientation for Preschool!  Holy Cow...this just blows my mind.  My baby is in school and peeing on the potty and talking in full sentences and so not a baby anymore.  Crazy!
Please excuse the lack of great photography...camera phone is all I had!

Zoe is in the 2/3 program this year and her teacher is Ms. Rachel!  I love that she is young and she is so very kind!  I just know Zoe is going to love her.  We practiced Rachel's name the whole way to school this morning and when we got there.  Rachel introduced herself to Zoe said...."Yep, you're Rachel....that's you!"  She was so excited.

Unfortunately, we had a rough night of sleep last night, so Zoe was a little bit more emotional at the parents meeting and really wanting Mommy.  But I think she is going to do just amazing in her little class!  There is a great mix of boys and girls and her buddy, Greggie, is even in her class!

I, of course, signed up for everything and I am so excited to get involved and meet lots of wonderful families at our Church.  Love the fact that our community continues to grow and grow!

Zoe's 1st day is next Tuesday!  I am so excited for this year, but I know there will be a tear or two on Tuesday!


Jessica said...

tears from you or Zoe? Or both?! Can't believe she is that big already--congrats Mama! And enjoy your special time with Evan while Big Girl is at school :)

Rebecca Phillips said...

Tears from me

Rebecca Phillips said...
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