Saturday, August 25, 2012

12 Month Check Up

It is still hard for me to believe that Evan is a year old.  This past week, I was gone Sunday-Wednesday and I swear when I got home, Evan grew twice his size.  He looks so big to me!

We headed to GPAM for Evan's 12 month well visit this week.  Evan's development is looking great and Dr. Evans is really pleased with how much he has progressed in his movement since our 9 month check.

Evan weighs 20 lbs (10%).  He is 28 3/4" tall (13%) and his head circumference is 18 1/4" (45%).

Evan does have eczema on his face, but only on his face.  The doctor suggested we treat it with hydrocortizone 1% and aquaphore.  She also recommended we watch for flare ups and try to link what might be causing the dry skin.  She doesn't seem to think it is a food allergy since it is only on his face.  So we are going to try switching detergents to a hypoallergenic and see if that helps.  Luckily, it doesn't seem to bother him.
We also had some concerns to ask the doctor about in regards to Evan's right foot and walking.  His right foot turns severely out (like ballet position) and drags sometimes when we walk with him.  Evan's physical therapist is coming back out and wants to take a look at it.  We showed the doctor and she seemed to be concerned with the severity as well.  So off we go to Children's Orthopedics.  I want to get the physical therapist out first to see if his abnormal gait is something we can correct with exercises!  But, if she feels we need to see the specialist...we will do anything and everything for our little guy.

All else looked great!  She recommended we stay away from peanut butter...opps...luckily Evan had no reaction and absolutely loved it!  And she recommended Evan stay rear facing...ya another whoops.
And we had Evan's 1 year pictures made by a good friend that I grew up with!  She lives in the Charleston, SC area and did a fantastic job!  I can't wait to get all the photos!

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