Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tank is on Empty

Do you ever just feel spiritually low?  My Faith never waivers, but I feel like my tank is emptying...quickly...and I need to fill back up so badly!  A lot of times finding a great book, having intimate conversations with some friends or just attending a beautiful Mass alongside my hubs fills me up...but lately I just feel under spiritual attack every which way I turn.

I can't turn on the TV, listen to the Radio, open up the Internet without seeing something horrific, people anger at other people (well angry is an understatment) and Facebook....I just want to completely avoid with an upcoming election, differences of opinions on issues in our wourld are just endless and so draining!

And on top of that, I have a husband who works and works and works to the point of complete exhaustion and we just seem stuck!  And we all know when you work so much, you sleep less which means you are more irritable and it just leads to all kinds of nasty when people aren't rested!

Like I said, I just feel under attack! 

So I cling to what I know is true....That God has a plan for Us, that He is always present in the good, the bad and the ugly and that this too shall pass! 

In the meantime....I am going to work on getting filled back up!  Any suggestions!?!?  How do you fill up your tank?

On a positive note....these two make life so worthwhile!  Waking up to them every morning is the greatest gift there is!  Having kids really just helps keep things in perspective and reminds me what is really important!
And on a really positive note...Evan is crawling....slowly....but he is crawling!!!


Amy said...

Oh chica, I've been there...so many times. Everyone is different, but when I get to that place there are a couple things I do. I normally start by retreating from all negatives - Facebook, TV, radio...etc. Then I try to say yes to positives. Truly, sometimes watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie (don't laugh) can make me feel more spiritually positive and revives my hope in fighting for the good in life. I watch them on youtube. Then I'll do something to break the stagnancy...if Tim and I have fallen into a tired rut and grumpy communication, I'll try to write him a love note. I haven't had to deal with this with kids yet but maybe get a baby sitter and have as much of a date as possible even if it's letting the kids sleep at the grandparents and enjoying a glass of wine together when he gets home late. Then, I try to remember what my sister says..."This too shall pass". In short, remove the negative, fill with positive...and if all else fails...watch cute animal videos on youtube :D Love ya girl!

Joy said...

Wow, Amy, that is great advice!