Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Game Night

Zach and I hosted Mommy Club Game Night this past month. Such a blast! You could definitely tell the boys were more comfortable this time around because after everyone was done eating.....you didn't see them the rest of the night.

Can someone please explain to me why boys are so fascinated with the combination of fire and beer?!? Zach was so proud of his newly built fire pit and roaring fire within it....that he had to show all the guys..... This is where our husbands stood the WHOLE night....no games this time around for them.
But the girls enjoyed great conversation, lots of laughs, some games, many cream puffs and just had fun! And Michelle....my blogging, running friend I told you about....CAME TOO....with her hubby of course!

I LOVE my Life!


momofbugs said...

It just hit me that the girl I run with up here is Michelle too. Just thought that was funny.

Anonymous said...

we love yall!