Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We have a Beat!

Today, I had my 12 week appointment with Dr. Pohl. We got to listen to the heartbeat for the first time and I was so excited. The heartbeat was high 150s, low 160s. I had no weight gain, which is very hard for me to believe, and my blood pressure had dropped a little bit, which they said is common when moving into the 2nd trimester. Overall, the appointment went really well and our baby is growing!
Here is a belly pic at 6 weeks

And at 13 weeks...not too much of a change...but it will be fun to compare in the weeks to come.


Amanda and Keith said...

I can see a change I love belly pics!

And they call it puppy love said...

How cute! You look great!

momofbugs said...

I can see changes too! Talk with you tomorrow.
Oh but if your kids are anything like mine with a heartbeat like that I know what you are having :)