Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello 2nd Trimester

I am officially in my second trimester now....YAY! Luckily, knock on wood, I had a very easy first trimester and hopefully it will continue on. Everyone keeps telling me that I am now in the easiest part of pregnancy, which makes me very happy because I will be much more active during this time. I have started nannying for a family in Atlanta for the summer. They have a 4 year old named Phoebe....much easier than an infant...thank goodness. I also have been able to start a part time job with a designer doing installations and other projects, which I am very excited about too. So energy will be needed over the next couple months.

Over the last couple weeks, things have been changing in my body again. I am much more sensitive to foods...not eating them...but the way I feel afterwards....Hello being bloated! Not much fun. I can now wake up at a normal time and not feel like I am going to die without eating. Much more fun. My visitations to the bathroom at night are less frequent....Hallelujah! I have been keeping active with Phoebe and doing more exercise. One of my favorite work out videos is Turbo Jam (check it out if you have never heard of it It is a fun cardio workout that has great music. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it because it was hard for me before I was preggo....but I did....and I felt great afterwards! I am also looking forward to our pool opening this week! I love swimming and I know this is one of the best ways to exercise while pregnant! I am also going to start looking into preparation classes for me and Zach to take...He is not as thrilled but I look forward to them. Doing this whole labor thing for the first time....even though you hear a ton of stories and watch a ton of Baby Stories on is still nerve racking to me. Other than that....not much news. We have our next appointment on June 3rd!

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