Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crafty Crafty

Okay...I know I haven't even popped the baby out yet...but I am so beyond excited about this magazine full of crafts and activities for all ages! I just ordered Family Fun Magazine. From cover to cover, it is full of adorable crafts, great recipes and fun activities.....and the best part.....For a year is only $10!!!! I love being hands on and creative and you better believe this baby is going to get a taste of it :) So I don't have to keep up with all the magazines, I am going to go through each as they come and cut out the ideas I like and put them inside a Family Fun Binder! Can't wait....I also love to organize!

When you subscribe, you get a digital copy of the latest edition to go through....already found a million ideas I can't wait to do. My favorite is on page 92....check it out!

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June/July 2009


momofbugs said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I have had this magazine subscription since probably 2001 and I have files set up into different catagories that I file articles from the magazine into. I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE. Feel free to look through my folders next time you are visiting and my stuff isn't in boxes and you can make photo copies of anything you like.

kimberly t. bowling said...

You are so correct in the fact that this is an AWESOME magazine. I would love it even if I didn't have children! :) And how weird that just a few days ago I posted about Walt's science fair project (making smores with the sun)....and it came from one of last summer's FAMILY FUN magazine!! And another post from Valentines when they made treats from the Feb. edition.

We pull out the pages each month with ideas that we want to keep and try...and put them in protector sleeves in a binder too!

You're already starting out with tons of neat ideas....all ready to make memories with your sweet little one soon.