Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This past week, Mom, Ms. Brenda and I visited my sister and her family in Virginia. What a great week! Time flew by, but it was so nice to spend time with the girls and catch up with Chrysti. Their house is so nice and spacious. We headed out on Sunday afternoon and stayed the night at Brenda's mother's house in Charlotte. Here is her house.....LOVE IT!

We arrived at Chrysti's Monday afternoon. The girls called every couple minutes as we got closer and closer asking if we were there yet. Shortly after arriving, we headed to swimming lessons. Julie did so great! After putting the kids to bed, we played Quiddler. I love this card game. It is a game where you make words from the letters on the cards. Really fun! Unfortunately, exhaustion hit me pretty hard and I had to take 2 naps on Tuesday to recover from staying up so late the night before.Wednesday we visited Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home and grounds. I love this type of stuff. The tour of the house was so fun. It is amazing how everything was sooo different! The view from the house of the Potomac was gorgeous too (I of course forgot my camera). It was a little chilly and Chrysti and I were beyond after the tour of the house we went to the museum and let the girls play in the children's area and we just was nice. Needless to say, I went to bed really early that night.

Thursday, Chrysti and I went shopping for a couple dresses she needs for events in May. We first went to The Children's Place.....I cannot wait to shop for our baby! There are so many cute clothes! We found 2 adorable dresses for Chrysti, too! Thursday night, we celebrated Kayley and Ally's birthdays since we won't be able to come to their actual birthday party. Boy do they love opening gifts!
We got Ally Ladybug Pajamas and Beauty and the Beast Polly Pockets.

We got Kayley a Butterfly Bathing Suit and Coverup with flipflops!

Friday came so fast! We went into Washington DC and visited the American History Museum. Since Chrysti has lived up there this museum has been closed for renovations. The museum was unbelievably crowded! Each exhibit had a 30 min or so a museum! It felt like we were at Six Flags or something. My favorite exhibit was The First Ladies. The exhibit displayed famous dresses worn by the 1st Ladies, as well as their shoes or purses or jewelry. It was so interesting and everything was so beautiful!
I don't remember which day, but we also had an Easter egg hunt inside.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip...but I am glad to be back home with my hubby :)


Life throws you surprises! said...

We had fun too. Julie was soooooooo sad all day yesterday.

Life throws you surprises! said...

YEAH 9 weeks....31 weeks to go...sorry I am an excited Aunt.

Awesome pic of you and Zach.