Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This morning watching the Today show, I was completely AMAZED by what our country is coming to....and scared. On the show, they interviewed Miss California because of her recent answer on the Miss USA pageant. Here was the footage from the pageant:

Not only do I agree with Miss California, but I respect her for making that statement and standing up for her Faith. Too many people these days cower away from the Faith they believe in because of what other people will think or say. Watch this...this is the scary part:

It amazes me because...this man....obviously a gay man....supports our President and makes excuses for why it is okay for Our President to have the belief marriage is strictly between a Man and a Woman and that it is a sacred bond but hates this woman, Miss California, for voicing the same beliefs and says that she is not representing our country if she believes this way....HELLO! Then what are you saying about Our President....Shouldn't he be the most important Representation of Our Country....WOW! Once again...It amazes me!

But, this morning, Miss California stood by her response from the pageant after being told by numerous people she should have given a more "middle of the road" response if she wanted to win. She said sometimes it isn't only about winning, that it was more important for her to stand by her Faith. Amen!

Here is the clip from the Today Show:

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Jennifer, Dave, Jay & Anna said...

I started following your blog through mutual friends. I actually went to school w/ the Phillips clan.

I'm with you 100% on this! I was completely outraged that she was being attached for her beliefs! I commend Carrie Prejeans! She IS what/who I want to represent my country as Miss USA!!!!