Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I can hear the Bells!

OOOOOOoooooo.....I am so close! I am so excited and ready for this wedding! I have been planning for September 6th since December and it is finally here! I arrived in Atlanta last night and immediately got started organizing and planning what was going to be going on Wednesday and Thursday. Today was full of running around. I, not by choice, started at about 7:15...couldn't sleep :( and haven't stopped. I finally made myself take a nap around 3:30. Everything on my mind the last couple weeks has really affected my sleeping. The amount of sleep I am lacking is really starting to catch up to me. I get headaches often, which is really unusual for me. But, the show must go on. Tonight, I have a couple more errands to run and hopefully I'll get to visit my favorite restaurant, Frontera, for some yummy cheese dip and a DELICIOUS margarita.

Tomorrow, I pick up my DRESS! Oh....I love it so much. I hate that I only get to wear it one day. My mom did the most wonderful and special thing for me. She took pieces of my deceased Mema's wedding dress and made the Ring Pillow with the pieces. I have thought a lot about what I am going to do with my dress after the big I sell it??? After my mom did this, it makes me want to save it for that one day when my daughter or even granddaughter may be able to use it for something in their wedding. It brought tears to my eyes.

Everyone is starting to arrive too. My Grandmother came in yesterday, my brother-in-law is arriving tonight and Pop Pop arrives tomorrow! All of Zach's family is arriving tomorrow to and having a slumber party at Kimberly and Cory's. Nothing makes me happier then having everyone I love and cared about in one place. It is a rare, rare thing, so I have to appreciate it when it does happen....who knows when it will again?!?!

All the events begin on Friday. Say some prayers for us and the weather. It looks like Hanna is going to completely miss Georgia and only roll in some clouds and chances of thunderstorms. I can handle that. Next time I blog...I will be Mrs. Phillips! That sounds so good! Yay!


The Cannons said...

May GOD bless you and Zach on your special day and daily over the next 100 years!!Dream Big, right?!!

Candace said...

1. Don't even think about selling that definitely have to save it. It will always be meaningful to you and your children and their children.

2. I hope that everything turns out beautiful. Best wishes for the week, and I can't wait to read the blog when you are at last Mrs. Phillips. Thoughts and prayers!

Crystal and Riley said...

Becca the pillow is beautiful...I have also decided to save my dress. I can't wait for this weekend. You will be a beautiful bride. I will see you on Friday! :)

KK said...

You will be so relieved and feel like a new person when everything is said and done! I hope everything goes great!

Linda said...

We love you, Zach and Becca!!!!

Mommy and Daddy