Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Crazy Weekend!

All week, I have been stressing....not about the wedding...but about Gustav! I really love living at the beach from December to June but July through November (Hurricane Season), I have not been enjoying so far. Since this is my first year going through this type of weather, I worry a little bit more than others.

Other than preparing for Gustav this weekend, Zach and I had a overall good weekend. I ran around everywhere getting little odds and ends starting to pack for the wedding and honeymoon. I am a very organized person...I have to be otherwise I'd go crazy. I made notes for everyday that we would be gone.....Zach made so much fun of me. But I don't want to leave anything we might need behind. One day he will appreciate it. I cleaned the house and did laundry. Nothing worse than coming home to a dirty house.

Then we had the AMAZING game! WHOA! Roll Tide!

Sunday, I tried to find a new church that I have been wanting to visit. Unfortunately, Catholic Churches are few and far between down here. The one I have been attending is in Gulf Shores, about 1/2 mile from the beach. I have been liking the Pastor the more and more I attend, but there is no permanent community. I really want to find a church with a community I can grow into. Living at the beach, everything is seasonal. In the summer, there are tons of families with kids that come and go every week. In the winter, there is not a baby cry to be heard....all gray hair. So the church I wanted to visit is in Lillian, about 15 miles from our house. I knew that it was on Hwy 98 but wasn't sure where exactly. I, of course, turned the wrong way on 98 and drove all the way into Fairhope. I guess I will try again when we get back from the honeymoon.
The HIGHLIGHT of my weekend was Saturday. The bed that Zach and I sleep on is the worst thing EVER! I finally had it this weekend. Our mattress is quite old and completely dips in the middle. Zach and I find ourselves rolling into each other while we sleep. It is fine sleeping by yourself in the middle, but not quite as comfy with two. Friday night I woke up around 1:30 becasue I was so uncomfortable and claustrophobic from Zach rolling straight into me....I am not a cuddler. I went to our spare bedroom then to the was a nightmare. I didn't get back to sleep until 5:30 when Zach left for work and I had our bed to myself. Saturday morning, I was on a get a new Mattress Set! We went to Malouf's, where I used to work, and tried out all the beds and found our match....a Serta Ivywood. Thank GOD! We made our first big purchase and will get our new mattress set when we get back from the honeymoon...YEA!

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KK said...

Hey Rebecca! I'm glad to see that Gustav wasn't as bad as they predicted. I hope the wedding and honeymoon go great! Tell Zach I said hi.