Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A House becomes a Home

Since I moved to Gulf Shores, it has been project after project trying to make Zach's place feel like OUR place. Zach had lived with other guys since he moved to GS and the place really felt and looked like a Bachelor Pad. I made sure to change that. Since I am on quite a strict budget...I can only do so much! But, I tried my best. I started by slip covering the sofa and love seat in the living room.

Then we painted the living room Roasted Coffee (Brown) and the Kitchen something Mark Twain (which is Green).Then, I bought rugs for the kitchen and reorganized EVERYTHING. With all the showers and gift we have been receiving, I had to make room in the kitchen. I LOVE to organize. I get very anxious when things are scattered and a mess. Organization keeps me level headed and sane! Other than those changes, that is all we have done for the interior. On the the outside!

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