Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in Alabama!

Another Christmas in Berry has come and gone and each year it just gets more fun as the kids get older and can do more.  We arrived on Thursday night and stayed in Tuscaloosa with the hopes of doing something fun on Friday.  A nasty day on Friday resulted in us just heading straight to Berry around lunch time.  We spent Friday and Saturday in Berry for all of Grandma's Christmas Festivities.

Friday, we all trickled in at different times but were able to enjoy dinner together.  Zelda ordered a boston butt and some sides and they were DELICIOUS!  And of course she had a handful of yummy desserts that were wonderful.  We all just relaxed and let the kids play and before bed the kids got to open one gift...which they all were beyond excited about!

Friday night, all the kids decorated sugar cones and made them into Christmas trees....well some of them got that far...most got eaten!

Saturday morning came really quick and it was time to open presents from Grandma and Grandaddy and the kids draw names for each other.  Opening presents is always chaos to the max!  I am lucky if I get to take a picture....this year I only got a couple!

We put on a movie for the kids while they waited on all the adults to be ready...
Katie Beth was READY!

Present Time!

The rest of the day we relaxed, ate, napped, ate and relaxed some more!  Such a nice weekend with family!

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