Monday, March 18, 2013

Evan's Eight

Evan was 18 months in February ..and I have yet to take him to his well visit.  OoPpS!  From what I can see...he is growing great, eating amazing and perfect in every way ;)
 Evan is!  He begs to go outside all day and just runs and runs.  He is still afraid of heights....clearly he is not afraid of a little mud though!
Evan sings to any tune, to any song.  His favorites right now are Ole' McDonald, Twinkle Twinkle, Can you feel the Love tonight?, ABCs, Hakuna Matata, The Wheels on the Bus, and Jesus Loves Me...but if you hum any tune to him...he will hum it right back.
Evan is such a little pest.  He is constantly hitting Zoe, stealing her toys or pulling her hair.  If he so much as hears Zoe squeal...he is satisfied!  Mission Accomplished!
 Evan is talking so much!  He is even speaking in phrases now and has started counting.  Some new additions are "I go outside" "I hungry" "Night Night" "I love you" "Sit Down" "I get you" "No No" "Say Cheese" "Shoes On" "Zoe" and he says his name!
Evan is pretty true to size except in the shoe department.  He is in all 18 month clothes, with a tiny roll in his pant legs (short guy) and is finally in a size 4 shoe!
Evan just loves sitting and reading books and plays really well by himself.  If things are quiet, you can usually find Evan just playing away in his room....or in the bathroom playing in the toilet :/
Evan got his second haircut this past month.  Such a little man!


Jessica said...

Frame that last picture immediately! What a big boy he is!

Elizabeth said...


kimberly t. bowling said...

I agree with Jessica...the last one needs to be framed and kept FOREVER. I love all the mud pics too...nothing says boy like a mudhole and some bare feet.

Life With Lauren said...

So sweet he is adorable!