Friday, May 21, 2010

More Fairhope

On our trip, we spent two afternoons at the pool. Zoe is such a little fish....just like her Mommy. I can't wait for the pools to open where we live and we can venture to the pool every week!
These Daddies sure do love their baby girls! I can't wait for them to trade in their sunglasses for goggles, like the Dad in the background!
While we were playing in the pool, Zoe got a little water in her mouth. And to feel better, she, of course, started coughing. I kept saying "Your Okay, Your Okay." and I guess she liked the attention because she coughed a lot even after she was fine. The picture above is her coughing....still so cute!
Couldn't tell she loved it by that smile!
But all the fun really wore her out. This is Zoe's new thing....sucking her thumb and cuddling to us. To say that I LOVE quite the understatement.
Zoe and Anna Riley played so well together. And they loved the floor gym!
Friday night, we went out to eat and Zoe is such a grabber now....especially anything food! She couldn't stop starring.
We all enjoyed walking around Downtown Fairhope for the Art Walk. And Zoe loved it when we stopped to listen to the bands....She loves music!
And we finished the weekend celebrating our 1st Mother's Day! What a wonderful vacation!


joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

And they call it puppy love said...

Aww such cute pics!

Crystal said...

Aww I didnt know you had that of the guys and babies and Zoe and AR look like they are playing footsie! Oh and BTW you were SO not supposed to put the big cheezin picture up there! haha

The Sweet Life said...

I love the pics of Zoe sucking her sweet. Great pics.

会慧 said...
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