Thursday, May 20, 2010

6 Month Check Up

Zach, Zoe, and I met with Dr. Evans yesterday and had a bittersweet appointment. Developmentally, Zoe Jane is doing phenomenal. She is sitting up all by herself, no support needed, she is rolling both directions, using her arms for support on her tummy, talking a ton, teething……but her size was some concern for the doctor.
We have a little skinny minny on our hands! Zoe is 12 lbs 13.5 oz….up only 3 oz from her last appointment and placing her in 3% of babies her age. Not so good. Her height is 25” and 14% and her head circumference is 16 ¼” and 17%. Zoe has always been more petite, but not really having a weight gain in 2 months is a flag.
We were instructed to load her up! The Dr. thinks that either I am not producing enough milk due to weight loss and my increased amount of activity in the last couple months or there are not enough calories in the milk I am producing. I can definitely tell a difference in my supply…but I never thought it wasn’t enough. Zoe doesn’t really cry for more or show signs of wanting more….but she was getting hungry sooner than a typical 4 hour stretch for her age. So we are changing things up….Zoe is still going to be breastfed every feeding (unless I am working) and we will be supplementing after the feeding if necessary. I was already spoon feeding her 2 times a day, but didn’t worry if we missed a feeding here or there…not happening now. I am getting Zoe in more of a routine.
Today, we started with her first milk feeding at 5:30….back to sleep we went. We were up by 7:30 and I fed her breakfast…about 3-4 tbsp of cereal mixed with half of a pureed green apple. By 9:30, she was ready for another breastfeeding and off to nap time she went. She laid right down without a peep….I love that because it makes me feel like it is just perfect timing! Up and playing and she had her lunch at around Noon….Bananas are her favorite right now. Zach was home at this time so we played and at the first yawn, we laid her down….right to sleep again! There must be something about eating enough, paying attention to the signs the baby shows you and reacting accordingly that works…go figure! A well rested and fed baby = a happy baby! Zoe woke up from her nap around 2:30...breastfed and played. She took another cat nap and ate dinner around 4:45 and is well on her way to night night.....I would say 5 ounce bottle and bed by 6:30! Great day!

The doctor wants us to be supplementing her with formula for at least 15 ounces a day. She said that a baby Zoe’s age that is strictly formula fed should be eating about 24 ounces a day, in addition to 2-3 spoon feedings….there was no way Zoe was getting that much from me alone. So, I am perfectly fine with formula, as long as I still get to breastfeed…I am not ready for that to be over quite yet.
Zoe also got 2 shots and one oral vaccination at her appointment. She did really well…barely cried…but I did give her Motrin before the appointment…off brand of course. We got home at about 4:30 and she fell right asleep until about 9:00….poor baby was worn out.

We go back on June 10th to get Zoe’s weight checked to make sure she is growing.


Southerland Living said...

Zoe is so sweet! I think with the changes you made- she will be just fine next appointment!

momofbugs said...

Just want to say.....You are an awesome Mommy! Zoe looks so cute in all her nude photos.

I am also curious whether growth charts have been changed at all in the last ten years.....I need to look up Julie's growth but I do know at a year she was 19lbs and no body thought anything about it. My friends son was 19lbs at a year and they freaked out.

The Sweet Life said...

such cute pics!!

Sarah said...

omg...what a cutie!! I loved the pictures.

xoxo, Sarah

Lone Butterfly said...

Another mini-girl! Zoe seems to be right about where GO was at that age, with the minimal weight gain - you're lucky Zoe is already taking bottles, GO wouldn't have anything to do with them (even if they had Mummy inside). But she loved food at that age.

Let me know if they start recommending any tests. I'd be happy to talk about the stuff they did (and are doing) for GO. She just hit 16 lbs!

cordova607 said...

She is beautiful! God made her the way she is and He will take care of her. And you! he will guide you in your amazing journey as mom!