Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Randomness

Y'all!  It is just ridiculous how fast days go...and then I realize the month is gone!  January has come and soon will be gone and it is just insane!  So what has happened this month!

Lots of fun inside because it has been a cold month in Georgia.  These boys just melt my heart...but it isn't always all smiles.  Evan has been learning his boundaries and sadly that means lots of time out.  Henry will survive and be stronger for all the "love"...I hope!
 My big boy started The Music Class this month and LOVES it so far!  He has already memorized most of the CD and Bum Bum Bums all day long!  I feel so blessed to get to be able to do these fun things with my kids.
 Henry has joined us at the dinner table in his bumbo!
On some of the warmer days, we have been playing soccer and both Evan and Zoe are LOVING it!  Even Daddy is getting some much needed exercise!
 We have been taking random but clearly needed naps.  Zach found Zoe one afternoon in the tent, totally conked out!
 Lots of forts and tents and tunnels since we have been inside a lot.  These stools are very loved by my kiddos and their imaginations!

I am so happy to be back to doing some "homeschooling" with Zoe (I use the term lightly right now).  I have set up centers for her to do during Evan's naps 2 or 3 days a week.  Zoe thrives on structure and just loves to have things planned out.  We do centers from 12-3 and it has been working out so well!  Zoe is SO ready for school!  We had Zoe's assessment at St. John Bosco this month and should hear back soon on whether or not she is accepted!

 Like father, like son!  Evan loves the tool set he got for Christmas!

We have had a wonderful beginning to 2014!  My babies just make me so stinkin' happy.  I wouldn't rather be any where else but with the three of them each and every day!  Happy Full Heart!

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