Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drive Thru Zoo

We took a little mini vacation to the Pigeon Forge with Zach's Family this past weekend.  It was a perfect weekend to be in the mountains...all the leaves were changing and their was a crispness to the air.  Fresh air was much needed!  Dollywood was the main thing on the agenda, but Zach and I decided to take advantage of when you go after 3pm to the park, you get the next day free and save a little money!

Friday morning, we decided to have some fun with our little family and we headed to the Circle G Ranch!  Oh the fun we had!  I haven't laugh this hard in a long time!  Not knowing exactly what to expect...we were surprised by the overwhelmingly loving welcome we received by some VERY HUNGRY animals!
The animals started off keeping a safe and comfortable we all were okay with.

And then we got a couple crazy eyes from the emu and some very forceful peeks...

Then we encountered the bull and cow....the bull that ran its horns into the truck coming to get some food and the cow that moved the entire truck with its body...they were hungry! And have some crazy massive tongues!

And then it was time for the Llamas and this is where the uncontrollable laughter began...
These Llamas just ran right along as we drove...they knew the routine.  They even knew the path because when we drove away they stopped...cut across the path and caught us on the way back.  And they came in large numbers!

I'll be back!
These guys clearly knew the route too... because they had the road blocked waiting for our return.


The zebras were so sweet!  You could pet them and they were patient for the food.  And they were absolutely gorgeous!

And there are the llamas again...Don't forget about me!
And then we got to the Camels....and there was no holding back!
This camel...Spud we later found out...made his way quite quickly into the front cab of the truck and took an entire bucket out with him...flipped it up, got all the food and throw the bucket back into the back seat...Ridiculous!  Needless to say...Zach was freaking out a little bit and I couldn't stop laughing!!!!
We finally got the camel out of the front of the truck and rolled up the windows.  We were able to keep a good distance in order to feed them in a more calm manner.

Love making memories with my sweet little family!  This was definitely one for the books!  We had a blast!


aimymichelle said...

haha that is crazy it would totally freak me out though.

Hollyhand House said...

I had to let Riley read this post! SO funny! Not sure I want to go to a drive thru zoo now!! haha

Joy said...

Okay, it is late, John is asleep beside me and I just woke him up laughing at the picture of the camel's head inside the truck getting the food bucket. What a fun memory!