Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Month Checkup

Last week, we had Zoe's 12 month check up. Everything on her checked out great!

Zoe weighed 19 lbs 6.5 oz and 22%. She is 29 inches tall and 46%. And her head circumference is 17.5 round and 31%.....which totally surprised me!

The doctor was so pleased with Zoe's growth...especially since her 6 month checkup when she was in the 3% for weight. Dr. Evans okayed honey and milk, but suggested waiting on peanut butter. That is not happening! Zoe got 2 more shots and we decided to not get a flu shot. The doc said Zoe's top teeth looked like they were all about to pop through and that we should be cleaning then we have her little finger tooth brush waiting for her now after her bath. Zoe is definitely right on track in her speech development but not quite walking yet. In the last week, she has been carrying on conversations with herself or with us and speaking words very clearly! She is quite the talker.

Zoe knows that a brush is for her hair and she puts it to her head. She knows that a coffee cup is hot and she blows on it. If we say hot for her food, she blows on it, too. When Zoe hears us sing "head, shoulder, knees and toes", she touches her head and bounces to the song. Zoe says "mmmmm" when she is hungry or if we ask if she wants to eat. Zoe says Mama and Dada perfectly. She is quite the copycat too...when we make different sounds, she trys to repeat them.

My baby is getting so big!!!!

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