Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother India Movie Review

A week or so ago, I was contacted and asked if I would do a blog review for the documentary Mother India...and of course, I said yes.  For 2 main reasons...

I knew nothing about the Indian Culture until about 2 years ago.  In fact, I learned one of the dominant faiths in India was Catholicism...had no clue.  I mean...I knew that Catholicism was world wide, but I always (ignorantly) assumed people of Indian descent were Hindu or Buddhist.  I learned quickly through one of my coworkers, Tony, that life in India was far from the life I lived in the United States.  Tony left his family in India at 19 to come to the USA to work and receive an education.  Being the youngest in his family, he is responsible for the care of his parents.  Tony started as a courtesy clerk at Kroger and quickly moved up in positions because of his dedication and his work ethic.  You see....every penny Tony made...he sent home to his family.  He...a 19 year old...provided for his family!

Americans have no clue!  Getting to know Tony humbled me.  He gave me prospective.  He taught me that not only am I blessed by what I have in America...I am also blessed by the Faith we share.  Tony taught me all about the traditions of the Catholic Faith in India.  It was amazing and beautiful and eye opening.  I love that even though we grew up worlds apart...we shared so much at the same time because of our beautiful Catholic Faith!

The second reason was because of Mother Teresa.  What a woman of God...a Saint!  Mother Teresa served the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India.  So the fact that this documentary was also in India made me want to see more.

Here is a short trailer for Mother India.

Mother India is a documentary on the lives of 25 abandoned or orphaned children living on the streets in India.  This was eye opening for me.  I was in tears watching the children describe themselves and why they lived on the street.  Most were abused and ran.  Many had no parents due to death or abandonment   Almost all have incurable diseases, addictions, disabilities....and my heart just broke.

Documentaries like these tell a true story and open our eyes to the world that is actually out there outside of our own.  These children know nothing different.  Word Films wants to reach out and tell the story of India through this film.  Bring light to this country that so desperately needs help.

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Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan will be released on April 23rd to DVD.  I encourage you to pick it up and support Word Films' mission and help in any way you can, but to also pray.  Pray for the youth of India...for our Heavenly Father to protect them as we all know only He can.

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